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Stormwater Compliance
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"It’s always a pleasure working with Verux. In my eyes Verux is a clear leader when it comes to understanding the Construction General Permit. They understand the crucial time commitments involved in construction and they always meet these commitments with a practical approach. When Verux is on the job I’m confident that we are in compliance with the requirements of the Water Quality Control Board. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next project with Verux."

Brian Faughn,
Project Manager,
Teichert Construction

Verux specializes in stormwater compliance and integrated construction management for a broad spectrum of clients. From small construction projects to major freeway infrastructure work, our team has the diversity of experience to provide the straightforward GUIDANCE our clients value.

We work tirelessly to foster COMMUNICATION between all project stakeholders to ensure expectations are met and project compliance is achieved. We utilize technology to maximize efficiency without ever losing sight of our responsibility to be our clients’ eyes, ears and “boots-on-the-ground” throughout the project life cycle.

Our focus is on COLLABORATION to provide creative solutions for your stormwater and construction management needs. We look forward to becoming a valued member of your project team..

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